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5 Ways to Improve Security in Your Office

Data security has become a top concern for small businesses, and for good reason – a security breach can cost companies big bucks.

But while cyber security is a critical component of data security, physical measures are just as important when it comes to safeguarding your company info. Implementing even one of the methods below will help make your office safer and smarter.

1.  Access Control

Access Control Systems provide secure access to authorized individuals while keeping out those who are unauthorized. These systems can range from keypads and access cards to biometric readers like fingerprint or facial recognition. Most systems will allow you to customize access settings for individual doors, employees, or groups.

2. Install a Camera System

Potential thieves are less likely to break into a business that has visible security cameras. In addition to serving as a deterrent, the latest IP security camera solutions allow you to monitor the video feed remotely – from your home laptop or your smartphone. In the event that theft or damage to your office does occur, having access to security footage can aid in the investigation.

3. Wear ID Badges

ID badges make it easier to keep tabs on who is coming and going out of your office. Make sure employee names are featured in large, bold letters near their ID photo. Clients and other visiting individuals should also be given guest badges so that they’re easily identifiable

4. Keep Passwords Secure

Consider implementing a companywide password policy with a set of security guidelines for employee login credentials. For example, you can require complex passwords that must be changed every 90 days.

For businesses that want an extra layer of security, Two Factor Authentication is recommended. In addition to your normal login password, 2 Factor Authentication requires a second step or piece of information that only you would have access to. This could be your fingerprint, an access card, or a unique code texted to your phone.

5. Have an Emergency Plan

Even with the best security measures in place, incidents can still occur. If you discover something is missing from your office, contact your office security or law enforcement right away.  Having security camera footage or a log of recent visitors to provide police will aid in an investigation.

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