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Clerk of Court Chooses Offsite Backup to Definitively Secure its Data

  • Client: The West Baton Rouge Clerk of Court is charged with maintaining the parish’s civil and criminal court records and serving as the recorder of mortgages, conveyances, and other authentic acts. In addition, the Clerk of Court is responsible for the operations of all elections held in the parish.
  • Situation: WBR Clerk of Court houses important data that potentially affects the lives of the citizens of the parish. In the absence of an on-staff IT technician, and due to low budgets, Clerk of Court Mark Graffeo wanted to use the best possible solution for the lowest cost.
  • Solution: The TotalCARE Vault offsite data solution was used. The 400GB of data was seeded over a weekend and transferred to the data center using secure drives. Once the majority of data was transferred, the system was setup for automatic synchronization on a nightly basis. The system is constantly monitored by General Informatics engineers. Test recovery is performed on a monthly basis.
  • Benefit: All of WBR Clerk of Court’s data is now securely backed up in a Tier 4 data center on a Cloud infrastructure. The backups are monitored daily to ensure every day’s data is backed up. There is no need to change tapes or for an IT technician to intervene. The costs are also surprisingly minimal.