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Construction Firm Eliminates Downtime by Switching to Cloud

  • Client: MAPP Construction was founded in 1991 in Baton Rouge. After receiving the extensive $30 million Catfish Town Renovation Project in 1993, MAPP was able to expand, and established itself as a regional leader in the construction industry. They are currently operating nationwide with additional sites in New Orleans, Dallas, Houston and Orlando.
  • Situation: MAPP has experienced tremendous growth, but the IT infrastructure evolved as cobbled together piece meal solution. A fire in the building brought to the light the danger of high risk exposure of business continuity with all MAPP’s IT systems being exposed. The multiple branch offices and field workers were always at the mercy of the main building’s up-time since it housed the IT system.
  • Solution: All financial and project management  applications were moved to the cloud along with email and Blackberry systems. A Cloud storage gateway with an offsite Cloud backup system was setup at each location to provide fast access to files and printing while protecting the data offsite.
  • Benefit: Significant capital expenditure was avoided. Risk was completely managed with offsite and multiple backups. There was zero downtime after implementing the Hybrid Cloud solution. Despite major architecture changes, users did not miss a beat and, overall, IT expenses decreased.