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Custom designed media for the valve industry

  • Client: Setpoint I.S. is a nationwide company that provides its clients with a full range of integrated solutions for difficult industrial challenges. The biggest challenge they faced was creating a brand for their collateral material that stood above their competition. Their facet of items included product catalogs, brochures, invitations, stationary, Powerpoint templates, and more.
  • Need: Our approach was to develop an overarching design that could be carried throughout various collateral pieces. The largest task we were faced with was the Setpoint I.S. product catalogs. These catalogs incorporated a large array of details regarding various products, as well as product images and specs. Each catalog is branding with the look we created for this series and each includes a signature color to distinguish the catalog categories. Branding the catalogs as a series brings them together, while the individual design still allows them to stand alone and be noticeable among other competitors.
  • Benefit: Setpoint I.S.’ team has taken the this branding style and incorporated it throughout much of the companies other materials. Doing so gives the company a professional and cohesive appearance.