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Demystifying the Top 3 Concerns about Cloud Phone Solutions

Businesses today are looking to cloud technologies because they are scalable and affordable, not to mention the many mobile advantages. But with this shift to the cloud, what does that mean for a business phone system?

Updating your phone system to the cloud typically brings concerns regarding security, risk, and control. However, cloud-based systems offered today virtually eliminate these concerns.

However, businesses need to choose cloud phone solutions that come with a reputation of reliability and security. A proven cloud provider should be able to ease these concerns with a few key points:

Concern #1: Cloud Security

When business owners are evaluating their cloud options, they usually think about the worst-case scenarios. Typically, this involves nightmares of someone stealing a phone or hacking into their network. Or maybe they’d have someone listening to private business conversations. And the biggest concern of all, someone using the system to make their own international calls, which can become expensive, quickly.

Solution: Quality cloud solutions are engineered with unique identifiers for protection like individual digital signatures which can’t be re-written. This limits the possibility of someone hacking into the system to interfere with the system. SIP technology is also used to encrypt information from outsiders.

Concern #2: Losing System Controls

In-house phone systems are usually completely controlled by a team of IT professionals. This allows immediate response should something go wrong – because they can immediately get to the system to make changes or repairs.

Solution: It may seem comforting to have control over a phone system, giving over the reigns to a trusted provider can save you and your business a lot of time and money. You get control over your cloud-based system that will allow you to gain access and make changes from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. So adding new users, changing access controls or watching call volume can happen instantaniously. And if you don’t want control over all those items there’s an option for that as well, as many providers will provide total management support.

Concern #3: Lack of Reliability

One of the main concerns during a phone system change is the fear of a system outage when customers or potential customers are trying to call in. But with a phone system that is being managed by your staff, most businesses avoid this issue altogether.

Solution: Today’s leading phone solutions have redundancy features that are built in on every level from the circuit to the data center and from the phones to the carriers.

Today, world-class cloud phone solutions have built-in redundancy and reliability at every level — from the circuit, to the data center, to the phones and the many different carriers. And, they increase staff productivity and deliver deeper business intelligence so you can use your phone system to grow your business, not just maintain it. Whether it’s a catastrophic event or simply a downed circuit, the best cloud phone solutions have methods in place to proactively deal with issues before they have a chance to impact your business and are capable of surviving just about anything.

It’s time to feel better about moving to the cloud

Cloud phone systems can save you money in ways you didn’t anticipate by protecting revenue streams and increasing staff productivity. And a cloud phone system with a world-class provider will ensure the security, reliability and control your business requires.  All the assurances you need to magically alleviate your cloud concerns and make an investment in long-term value for your business.