Five Reasons Businesses Love Using Windows 10

After more than 10 years, Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 on January 14th. If you continue using the software, you’ll be opened to a plethora of issues from security risks to higher maintenance costs. Check out more on that here.

But don’t worry.  There are plenty of reasons to love Windows 10.

1. Speed

Has your efficiency slowed while waiting for your PC to Startup? When you make the move to Windows 10 one feature stands out: Fast startup. This comparison video shows Windows 10 starting up faster on a MacBook than macOS. Compared with Windows 7, the newer Microsoft OS leaves its predecessor at the gates. 

2. Security

One vital upgrade in Windows 10 is the Secure Boot feature. This feature requires any program that runs when the PC is booting up is trusted by Microsoft or the hardware maker. If any malicious program is detected, your PC will take the steps to eliminate the issue, which protects you and your business. Microsoft also added built-in ransomware protection and exploit/threat protection.

3. No Passwords to Remember

Windows 10 replaces typical PC passwords with Windows Hello, which is a faster and more secure login method. Windows Hello allows you to login using facial recognition, or you can use two-factor authentication to login with a PIN.

4. Action Center

Messages, updates, and breaking news pop up on your smartphone to keep you informed, why should your PC be any different? Windows 10’s Action Center shows messages from email, the system itself, and from apps. And if you don’t want to be bothered by notifications, Focus Assist quiets them for a spell. Whether it’s a crucial email or a birthday reminder, this upgrade keeps you in the know.

5. Virtual Desktops

For a few years, Mac users were able to switch among several virtual desktop screens. Windows 10 brought this capability to Microsoft’s desktop operating system. It’s easy to use and can help keep you organized while multitasking. With a click or tap, you can separate different projects on unique desktop screens and easily switch between them. It also reveals a timeline of your work, which shows your browsing and app activities, where you can easily pick up where you left off and switch between Windows 10 devices.

The transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 can be worrisome for long-time Windows 7 users, but there are plenty of upsides and progress made over the last decade that make the jump worth it.

General Informatics can make sure your transition to Windows 10 is pain free. Contact us to schedule an upgrade evaluation. Our expert consultants have worked with 100’s of companies to ensure their software upgrades go smoothly – with zero downtime and no security risks left unaddressed. We’re here to do the same for your business.