Results - General Informatics
Leading Architecture Firm Cuts Spending in Half, Gains Reliability

  • Client: Grace & Hebert Architects, APAC has been in continuous architectural practice for over 44 years. Since its establishment, Grace & Hebert has sought to achieve quality design by adapting to rapid changes in technology, architectural styles and market fluctuations. The firm has completed more than 1,000 projects of all scopes and sizes with a value of over a billion dollars.
  • Situation: As one of the most successful architecture firms in town, Grace & Hebert Architects churn out huge amounts of data as Revit and AutoCAD drawings. They run Deltek, project control and management software, and a variety of printing applications. With the workload spread over 10 servers, they needed more than a generalist computer guy to run them efficiently.
  • Solution: General Informatics, with its TotalCARE setup services, provides a full IT department to Grace & Hebert at less than half the cost of an employee. The servers are proactively managed and backed up. System administration is quick, and desktops are quickly set-up when needed. Employees have access to a state of the art help desk with management having full insight into the level of service being provided.
  • Benefit: Today, Grace & Hebert spends half of what was spent on IT running itself. The servers have never been down. Most compute issues are arrested before they can affect productivity. With the best technology advice available to them, they are continuing to grow even faster.