A Moving Experience

You’ve looked high and low. You’ve looked near and far. You’ve finally picked the right spot for your office upgrade! It has great views, a ton of light and warmth, plenty of pizazz and parking! You can already imagine how you will perfectly position your desk to catch the early morning sunlight (when you do your best work) and you know exactly where you’ll be spending your lunch breaks, but have you considered how you’ll actually transition your technology from your old office to your new space?

Part 1 of our moving experience begins with a couple of big ideas to contemplate before you officially start labeling any moving boxes.

Prior to the big move, you need to check whether your current service provider(s) actually provide service at the new location. If they do not, you might need to take some additional time to conduct research and compare potential providers. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that the building is – in fact – primed for the types of services you need (i.e. fiber) and that your office suite actually has the connectivity ready for use.

Now is the time to see if you can have an actual room dedicated to your server(s) and not just a broom closet with a box fan. You will need to verify that the room has the right kind of outlets and ventilation. Maybe that means you will be utilizing a closet, but now you can actually have a duct added to the room to help with cooling.

These starting points are just the tip of the proverbial moving truck iceberg, and just like any move, there are still many steps to take and boxes to pack!