Out With the Old

As you move through the myriad steps – some painful (budgeting), some not as painful (choosing paint colors) – you will inevitably come face to face with the mortality of your current equipment:

Do you throw out those rickety office chairs and get those awesome ergonomic computer chairs?
Do you finally get to toss your old PC that freezes whenever you update your Adobe Flash player?
Are there any copiers that are reaching the end of their leases?

The easiest approach simply creating an inventory everything you have in the office from the lowliest of fax machines to your cutting-edge copier/scanner/espresso maker/printer that you’ve leased from Xerox. This is another (sneaky) way to get your team involved (and excited) about the upcoming move. As they say, “many hands make light work”, and having the whole team pitch in with creating the list will make the process that much quicker and comprehensive. You might be surprised to learn that you have an excess of printers or PCs that aren’t being used enough to warrant their transfer to the new digs. Additionally, creating a comprehensive inventory of all of your office equipment will also allow you to slap asset tags on your equipment which will not only help for future upgrades, but with the placement of current machines in the new location.

Once your list is created, review it for any seriously outdated equipment or broken devices and develop a budget to purchase replacements. At this point, you can also review any current equipment leases and renegotiate with your leasing company for better pricing (it never hurts to ask!) or you might find that you can update some of the equipment without too much of an increase in price.

A fresh start for a fresh office is never a bad idea – just take it slowly! Try not to overwhelm or overspend by purchasing things you don’t actually need or never truly used in the first place!