Saving money to make money

Moving is expensive. There is absolutely no way around it. But, the bright side of moving is that you can take this time to evaluate the services you currently use to see what redundancies you can eliminate.

Start by listing all of your service and contracts. Weed out the ones you have the ability to terminate because you’re actually moving locations. As we’ve suggested previously, use your move to leverage better terms with existing service providers.

Once you’ve sorted out your providers, and decided on your new contracts, ensure you have the ability for the companies to be on standby for the actual day of your move in case there are issues with the transition. Just knowing that you have a backup ready to work your team through these big changes will be a big relief to everyone. You might also see if your providers will meet up with you at the new site prior to the move to get some feedback on the plans for your new office. They may actually be able to suggest improvements to the layout of your office equipment.

Additionally, setting aside a day devoted to testing out your new (or old) equipment at the new location before the official move will head off a majority of the issues associated with transitions. This might be a good compromise if one or two of your service providers aren’t available on the date of the actual move.

It truly take a village to have a successful move! Take advantage of the villagers with the expertise!