Time to pack it up and move it in…

It’s here! You’ve planned and packed and now you have the key to your new place! Time to turn on the lights, put up your tchotchkes and get down to work. Of course, it’s not as straight forward as flipping a switch, but it can be almost that easy if you keep these things in mind.

Ensure that everyone knows their role in the move and when they are expected at the new digs.
Establish a system to identify, assign, track and resolve issues as they arise.
Set aside time for training employees on new equipment.
Plan to have your old site – particularly your mail – open for roughly 30 days to avoid any logistical issues that might arise.

Obviously, the first day (maybe even the first week or so) at the new location will be fraught with challenges – minor and major – but if you plan ahead and work with your team, you should be able to overcome these issues without a total collapse of the company (fingers crossed!).

Companies move often and with great success! Your move can be successful or it can be stressful: it’s entirely up to you and how well you plan.