Case 365

Intelligent Case Management

Touch and voice enabled, Cloud powered, and ready for modern devices, Case 365 is the case management solution for the DA's Office of the future.

Case 365 enables complete Case life-cycle management - from Automatic Case Creation to Court Activity Tracking and smart Workflows based on key dates.


360 Degree View of Cases
With Case 365, all the data you need is right at your fingertips. From the dashboard you can access Rap Sheets, Police Reports, Statistics, and Booking to Formal Charges. Search for defendants by any field and easily filter color-coded results, or quickly access PTI, Subpoena, and VAC notes.

The COMPLETE Case Management Solution
for DA’s Offices

  • Paperless Workspaces

  • Real-Time Crime Center

  • Doc Mgmt & Generation

  • Auto Docket & Bill Creation

  • Electronic Trial Package

  • Media Repository

  • Security & Auditing

  • DWI Traffic & PTI

  • Arrest & Booking Alerts

  • Evidence Management

  • Restitution & Bad Checks

  • BRADY Status

  • Victim Services

  • CASE Flags

  • Team Workload Balancing

  • Criminal Strategies Unit

  • eDiscovery Portal

  • Calendar/Task Sync

  • CCTV Camera Database

  • Clerk & Court Integration

  • Law Enforcement Integration

Next Generation Crime Prevention

The Case 365 Criminal Strategies Unit and Real-Time Crime Center provide actionable intelligence for ADAs.

  • CSU/Realtime Wiki Hub
  • ADA Intelligence & Investigation
  • Arrest Alerts for POIs
  • Social Media Management
  • Gang & Group Affiliations
  • NIBIN Leads/Hits

Plus, with Case 365 Mobile, ADAs can access case files on-the-go. The public can also report incidents, subscribe to alerts, and locate help centers through the APB Crime Reporting app.

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