Results - General Informatics
Technology Turnaround Brings Healthcare Conglomerate Back to Financial Growth

  • Client: Health Care Options has more than 20 years of experience in the home health care industry, earning a reputation as an industry leader in the home health care community. The company is dedicated to addressing and meeting the needs of individuals on the fringes of life.
  • Situation: Different vendors set up infrastructure, phone systems, networking, and applications — each pointing fingers at the other for everyday failures. The user had lost faith in the system. Revenues had started declining due to bad information processing. There was a complete failure of technology leadership.
  • Solution: A 90 day rehabilitation program was set up with each aspect of technology clearly identified. Multiple General Informatics teams addressed different aspects of the business such as: networking, WAN connectivity, telephony issues, Wi-Fi connectivity, Line of Business applications and user training on those applications.
  • Benefit: The broken elements of the existing infrastructure were replaced — greatly enhancing the reliability and user’s trust. New LOB applications were introduced with successful data migration, building user confidence. The telephony across 6 sites was optimized. A virtual CIO was provided to create a direction and foundation for the technologies to bring back financial growth to the company.