Take office chat to the next level with time-saving features in Teams

Office chat apps are quickly becoming the #1 way co-workers stay connected – and for good reason: they’re convenient, faster than email, and help cut down on time spent away from your workspace.

But if your office chat tool is limited to basic features like instant messaging and group chat, it may be time to take it up a notch.

The latest tools for office collaboration, like Microsoft Teams, simplify and streamline communication, bringing secure chat/instant messaging, file sharing, audio + video calls and conferencing together in a single tool.

A recent study by Forrester found that having these collaboration tools in one place saved users up to 8 hours per user per week! (You can read the full study here.)

Here are a few ways you can use Teams to save time and make collaboration easier:

1. Get organized with teams and channels
Keep everyone up-to-date with groups (called Teams) dedicated to departments or projects. These groups bring together team members, conversations, files, and tools – all in one place. Having everything in one spot reduces the time spent searching for information, emailing, etc.

You can create as many groups and sub-groups (called channels) as your company needs. We recommend setting up a few well-defined groups to get started; you can always add more as needed.

2. Call or work together face-to-face from anywhere 
With Teams, you can quickly call or video chat with co-workers from your laptop or PC – no phone required! (This is especially useful for communicating with remote/travelling team members.) You can also host online meetings – audio and/or video – for up to 250 people (or more depending on your company’s setup).

Meetings can be scheduled in advance or you can start meetings on-the-fly with a single click. Plus, the audio-video quality of Teams online meetings is outstanding, so you’ll spend less time addressing setup and call-quality issues, and more time interacting.

3. Share, co-edit & store files in one spot
Gone are the days of emailing files back and forth for reviews and edits. With Teams, you can easily share files with a single co-worker, or with everyone on a team who needs access to it. Once the file is shared with team members, everyone’s edits will show up as they’re made.

4. Get new team members up-to-speed FAST
On-boarding new hires or adding a new member to an existing project used to take days, if not weeks. Now, Teams makes it easy to catch these new team members up.

Rather than forwarding numerous emails and documents to new employees, you can simply add them to a group or project within Teams. They’ll instantly have access to past conversations, files, and saved meetings associated with the group/project.

5. Take your team with you
The mobile app for Teams keeps you connected even when you’re on the go. You can instant message, participate in group conversations, join meetings, and access all of your teams, channels, files, and more. (The mobile app works on both iOS and Android.)


These are just a few of the many Teams features that can help streamline communication and teamwork.

Want to learn more on how to make the most of Teams in your office? Contact us or give us a call to schedule a demo or Teams training session.