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Website designs for a Boots-On-The-Ground Company

  • Client: Since changing their name in 2014, Setpoint I.S. has been ever growing. Our team initially designed their new site that same year under their new name and brand. In 2016, they approached us once again with redesigning the site to match their current mission and vision.


  • Need: As a large distributor of industrial products and services, Setpoint I.S. wanted a site that accurately detailed all their available offerings. Our team worked closely with their team to construct the site layouts and content design that would showcase the company best. The overall design keeps focus on Setpoint I.S.’ boots-on-the-ground feeling that they are known for, while still being current in their industry.


  • Benefit: Overall, the redesign shows Setpoint’s progression to continuously move forward and keep its customers in the know. Secondly, the new site has also become a large resource for the company’s staff to easily retrieve manuals, catalogs, and more. The efficiency and design of adequately meets Setpoint I.S.’ needs and will easily adapt as the company grows.